A sweet victory for Orkney bitter

Norman Sinclair of Sinclair Breweries

ORKNEY Brewery emerged victorious at CAMRA’s annual Great British Beer Festival earlier this month after its bitter brew, Red MacGregor, was crowned Champion Beer of Britain in the bitter category.

Norman Sinclair, managing director of parent firm Sinclair Breweries, was on hand at the ceremony and said the win “demonstrates the strength of Orkney’s performance further”.

“This is another fantastic achievement for our brewers and all the commercial team who work hard to support, promote and deliver great beer experiences for our customers and drinkers throughout the UK,” said Sinclair.

“Further, it goes to show focus and meticulous attention to process and the quality of ingredients can be recognised as well as innovative brewing.”

Craig Steven, commercial manager at Orkney Brewery, which has amassed a total of 21 awards to date for its beers, said while the firm’s Red MacGregor and Dark Island beers “have a strong reputation and have been consistently recognised with many awards”, the brewery has “not been resting on [its] laurels”.

This is further evidenced by the brewery’s plans to launch a new limited edition brew. Celebration XXX, an Orcadian Peat Smoked Ale, which will be released next month, has been brewed to commemorate the brewery’s 30th anniversary.