Static sales for tequila

TEQUILA is arguably garnering more interest amongst bartenders and craft producers alike, who are keen on changing the general public’s perception of the spirit.

But while there has been real effort made by both parties to showcase tequila in a different light – be that as a sipping drink or in cocktails – the latest CGA data reveals that it may be a little while longer before the spirit truly takes off.

Sales in the past year were fairly static, dipping by £144,000 to a value of £12.9 million.

Jose Cuervo, which is distributed by Proximo Spirits, leads the category – but it’s Pernod Ricard-owned Olmeca that has gained real ground, moving from fourth to second place in the tequila category.

El Jimador, Porfidio and Patron come in at third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

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Jose Cuervo


El Jimador