Vodka with Celtic roots

The vodka is distilled with Scottish oats

COLONSAY Beverages, the firm behind Wild Island Botanic Gin, has revived a long-lost recipe found in a 19th century distiller’s journal to create what’s said to be the first vodka distilled with Scottish oats and water from the Cairngorm mountains.

Bottled in Glasgow at 43% ABV, Brochan is distilled five times, and is made with oats grown in Lothian and North Uist to an old Irish recipe, when oats were used to soften spirits.

Keith Bonnington, director and head of sales and marketing at Colonsay Beverages, said: “We began working on the concept well over a year ago with head distiller Rob Dorsett and his team.

“Using golden Scottish oats from farms in the fertile Lowlands and ‘small oats’ from the Hebrides, along with two other grains – wheat for lightness and rye for subtle spiciness – we believe that we have created one of the most perfectly balanced, smoothest sipping vodkas on the market.”