Spirited move for Fife distiller

A FORGOTTEN wedding anniversary provided the name for a new spirit from Fife.

Founder and distiller Kecia McDougall named her spirit Never.25 after she was so busy working on the product she forgot her 25th wedding anniversary.

The 42% ABV spirit is a Scottish twist on French eau de vie, or fruit brandy, produced using Scottish berries. There are three flavours in the range: strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, although McDougall has also made an apple expression using fruit from a local orchard.

To create the flavours McDougall infuses the fruit into triple-distilled grain spirit and then distills it a fourth time.

McDougall, who launched Never.25 in spring, said she wanted to create a spirit that was distinct from Scotland’s growing gin sector. She developed her products in conjunction with bartenders in Dundee and Aberdeen.

The label features a number of images that are close to McDougall’s heart, including flags (both the Saltire and Stars and Stripes), a robin, a golf ball and a musical pause.