Public-spirited release unveiled

Community-owned Highland distillery launches new gin

GlenWyvis Goodwill Gin features nine botanicals, including local hawthorn berries.
GlenWyvis Goodwill Gin features nine botanicals, including local hawthorn berries.

A COMMUNITY-owned distillery has released a new gin as part of wider plans to ramp up production at its site in the Highland town of Dingwall.

GlenWyvis Distillery, which opened in late 2017, bringing distilling back to the town for the first time in over 90 years, has launched GlenWyvis Goodwill Gin as part of a distillery-wide rebrand.

GlenWyvis opened after receiving initial backing from some 2600 members who invested £2.6 million in the original share offer in 2016, which has since grown to 3200 members from 32 different countries and a total of £3.2m.

The spirit, which contains nine botanicals, including local hawthorn berries, is said to deliver “a crisp, full-bodied taste”, while also embodying the firm’s ‘community ethos’.

GlenWyvis chairman David O’Connor said the new gin’s “highly distinctive” label and bottle will make it stand out on the back-bar, adding that the gin’s launch symbolises “the next big step for us at GlenWyvis as production ramps up”.

“We believe GlenWyvis is different, and with the rebrand and new gin we aim to communicate what sets GlenWyvis apart from all other distilleries – and from all other gins,” he said.

“And that’s our unique ethos: built on community ownership and community benefit.

“We’re constantly considering ways to make our distillery and products new and exciting for our 3200 members and our loyal, local community of supporters.”

O’Connor added that the firm, which is producing both gin and Highland single malt whisky, will in time use its profits “to support other worthwhile community projects both here in the local area and far beyond”.

“Together we will create a legacy that will inspire people right across the world,” he said.

GlenWyvis claims to be the only dual distillery on the North Coast 500 tourist route.

More information on the open share offer can be found at, and there is a link at the GlenWyvis Distillery website –