Recipe: Chilli burger, Mark Teed, Head of Food, Star Pubs & Bars

Chilli burger

“A great entry-level burger, which is accessible for everyone, is the staple of a pub menu.

“The key to an outstanding burger is good quality, flavoursome, well-aged beef with a meat-fat ratio of 80:20.

“Simplicity is best; let the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves but give the customer the option of customising their burger with a variety of toppings to add that little bit extra if desired.

“My ideal burger size is 6oz. It’s enough to create a satisfied feeling after eating but also the right size to cook reasonably quickly – time and speed of service are of the essence in any kitchen.”

– Mark Teed, Head of food, Star Pubs & Bars


  • 170g Aberdeen Angus chuck steak, freshly minced on a coarse setting
  • Salt (I prefer smoked sea salt)
  • Pepper
  • Processed American-style cheese slices (on a burger nothing else comes close)


  1. Form the mince into a patty using a press or your hands. Using your thumb make a small indent in the centre of the burger to stop it rising whilst cooking. Chill for 30 minutes in the fridge.
  2. Lightly oil before grilling to prevent the burger from sticking to the grills.
  3. Flip the burger a couple of times to mark but don’t forget, the objective is to achieve a caramelised surface, rather than a charred one.
  4. After the patty is cooked take it off the grill and allow it to relax before topping with cheese or other topping of the customer’s choice.
  5. Always serve in a quality toasted burger bun that has a bit of texture as it needs to stand up to the meat juices without disintegrating. Demi brioche or one with a little sourdough in it are the buns of the moment.
  6. Spread a liberal amount of burger sauce on the base and then top with baby gem lettuce, sliced red onion, a slice of beef tomato and slice of pickled gherkin before placing the cooked patty on top.

For that extra filthy experience, wrap each one in tin foil or grease proof paper, then give it a minute to go all sweaty and sloppy.