Recipe: Branzino allo Zafferano, Vishnu Thapa, Amarone, Glasgow

Branzino allo Zafferano

“A light, fresh dish that smells of summer with fresh vine tomato, basil oil and the orange zest. Everyone’s favourite fish dish, it can’t be beaten on a warm summer’s day.”

– Vishnu Thapa, Chef, Amarone Glasgow

Sea bass fillets baked with chives and orange zest, served with saffron-flavoured Arborio rice and basil oil


50ml saffron white wine base

50ml fish stock (fish stock cube, 50ml water)

140g risotto

20ml basil oil                

250g sea bass

4g chives

120g orange (large)     

30g Brescia Grana Padano

20g butter (unsalted)

90g tomatoes (cherry)

5ml olive oil

0.5g parsley (flat)


1. Open up the double sea bass fillet and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle chives and orange zest.

2. Fold back over and lightly season the skin. Place on an oven tray and bake in the oven. Reserve hot.

3. In a sautee pan, place the risotto rice base and add the saffron wine mix. Season and cook through. When hot and cooked, add the Grana Padano and the butter.

4. Finish with 10ml of basil oil. Spoon in to dariole mould and reserve hot.

5. Roast the cherry tomatoes through the oven.

6. To serve: place the timbale of saffron rice at one side of the plate. Place the fish on an angle and top with the roast cherry tomatoes.

7. Drizzle with the remaining basil oil. Garnish with the flat parsley and serve immediately.