Time to take a broader view?

Research suggests beer ranges must be expanded

The Greenpaper stated that up-selling premium beers is an easy way to raise revenues

LICENSEES have been urged to make use of the wide variety of beers available in bottles, cans and keg in order to increase choice in their outlets and, ultimately, grow sales.

Research published last month by Heineken claimed there are several steps licensees can take to help grow the on-trade beer category by up to £1 billion over the next two years.

Said to be the result of over 100 pieces of qualitative and quantitative research, The Greenpaper identified six key drivers for growth in the licensed trade, including advice on which kind of beers operators should be stocking.

It established that younger drinkers, aged between 18 and 24, had to be re-engaged by the on-trade as their number of visits is falling year-on-year.

To do so, the research said that effective ranging, from mainstream brands to more unique choices, alongside “speaking the right language on social media” could drive footfall.

It will mean more people through your doors, spending more money, more often.

The report concluded that encouraging consumers to try more expensive premium beers was “one of the easiest ways to increase how much consumers spend”.

Stocking low and no-alcohol alternatives was also said to be increasingly important for bars, backed by the statistic that over a million people in the UK have abstained from alcohol in the last four years.

And matching food with suitable beers was said to be a particularly effective way of growing beer sales – worth a potential £94 million in on-trade sales over the coming year.

Jerry Shedden, Heineken’s category and trade marketing director, said: “This is about giving more people a reason to visit pubs and bars – and it will mean more people through your doors, spending more money, more often.

“The six growth drivers will be the starting point for all Heineken on-trade activations, so with our expertise, we will be helping to bring the on-trade back into growth.”

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The Greenpaper: six tips for pubs


• Get together

Capitalise on existing events and create new occasions throughout the year to drive footfall and maximise sales.


• Maximise the core

Drinkers will stay longer, spend more and visit more often if licensees give them everything they expect from their favourite bar.


• Great with food

Maximise consumer spend by pairing food with beer ranges, this can be as simple as a burger and pint style promotion.


• Healthy choices

A range of low and no-alcohol options, or natural and seasonal alternatives will appeal to customers keen to lead healthier lifestyles.


• My generation

Licensees should use marketing and social media to appeal to 18-24 year olds.


• We’re worth it

Use every tool at an outlet’s disposal to drive consideration of more premium choices – standalone fonts, point of sale and back-bar displays as well as giving the best spots in the fridge to more premium options.