Q&A: Adrian Forde-Beggs, Orchid, Aberdeen

What’s your favourite liqueur and how do you prefer to drink it?

Campari. Preference: in an Americano (cocktail). I also love it with tonic water.

When choosing a liqueur to use in cocktails, what are the best qualities it can have?

It completely depends on the nature of the cocktail and what is required for the desired taste and balance.

Which drinks supplier(s) do you source your liqueurs from?

Inverarity Morton and Royal Mile.

How do customers tend to drink liqueurs/speciality spirits in your outlet? For instance, in cocktails, on their own, or a combination?

Liqueurs tend to be drunk as shots or as an element of a cocktail.

It’s rare for our customers to drink liqueurs with a mixer (tonic, soda water, etc.).

How often do you try new liqueurs, and what encourages you to do so?

I try new products anytime I get my hands on them. This tends to come from brand ambassadors bringing in their product to sample and play with.

Recommendations from friends/colleagues would be second to this. And, finally, if I read about something that sounds particularly exciting I seek it out.