Recipe: Ferrero Rocher-inspired dessert, Brian Grigor, Number One, The Balmoral, Edinburgh

“This Ferrero Rocher-inspired dessert is an indulgent treat. There’s something nostalgic about this instantly-recognisable after dinner chocolate that many of our guests love.”

– Brian Grigor, Head Chef, Number One, The Balmoral

Banana mousse

500g banana puree

100ml Crème de Banane

50g fructose

5g gelatine

550ml whipping cream

20ml lime juice

1. Warm the banana puree, Crème de Banane and fructose together, add lime juice.

2. Add the bloomed gelatine and dissolve, pass through a chinois.

3. Whip the cream to medium peaks and fold two together.

4. Pipe the mix into demi-sphere moulds and freeze. Scoop out centre when soft.


Praline mousse

150g Valrhona Caramelia chocolate

100g hazelnut praline

100ml egg yolks

100g sugar

5g gelatine powder

250ml whipping cream

1. Add some water to the sugar and take to 121 degrees.

2. Cream the yolks until pale and pour the hot sugar over the yolks.

3. Add the bloomed gelatine and whisk until the mix is blood temp.

4. Melt the Caramelia/praline and mix into the pâte à bombe mix.

5. Whip the cream until medium peaks and fold all together.

6. Put in piping bags ready to pipe into centre of banana mousse.

7. Pipe into the centre of the banana mousse, level off and freeze.

8. De-mould and stick two halves together. Dip in coating of chopped toasted almonds, chocolate and cocoa butter.


To serve

1. Place a hazelnut financier in the middle of the plate.

2. Fill middle with caramelised banana chutney.

3. Place chocolate ball on top.

4. Garnish with Gianduja chocolate and gold leaf.

5. Roche of praline ice cream.

6. Pour hazelnut Anglaise at the table.