Orange gin offers a taste of Italy

Malfy Gin con Arancia is distilled with peels of Sicilian blood orange

ONE of Italy’s most well-known fruits, the Sicilian blood orange, has inspired the latest expression from the Malfy Gin brand.

Malfy Gin con Arancia is distilled with peels of the fruit and Italian juniper as well as botanicals that include lemon and grapefruit peel, which is said to result in a “vibrant, dark orange-coloured gin bursting with zesty, citrus notes”.

The spirit is produced at the Torino Distillati on the outskirts of Turin. Master distiller Beppe Ronco said: “We have created a completely unique taste profile with citrus flavours throughout.”

The new release joins Orginale, con Limone and  Gin Rosa in the Malfy range.

Elwyn Gladstone, owner of the gin’s parent company, Biggar and Leith, said the timing of the release is a “direct response to the UK’s particular interest in discovering and experimenting with Italian culture and produce, with gin at the very heart of that”.