Firm draughts in new format

Cocktails on tap save time and cut wastage, says Funkin

Mind the draught: the new range of Funkin cocktails on tap currently comprises four variants

THE firm behind cocktail and mixer purée brand, Funkin, has launched a range of cocktails on draught.

Said to be ideal for high volume pubs and bars, as well as nightclubs and outdoor events, Funkin’s Premium Batched Draught Cocktails range currently comprises four variants – Pornstar Martini, Pina Colada, Pink Grapefruit Gin Collins and Mojito – which are said to have been chosen because they are among the UK’s best-selling cocktails; a fifth variant is scheduled to join the line-up later this year.

The 10% ABV cocktails are said to be quick and easy for bar staff to pour, can help reduce wastage and cut waiting times for customers at the bar.

Designed to use a bar’s existing infrastructure, the cocktails are dispensed from 20-litre one way KeyKegs, using a KeyKeg coupler, similar to some craft beers; there are 133 (150ml) serves per KeyKeg and the cocktails have a shelf-life of 9 months unopened and 28 days once opened.

Draught cocktails can help bartenders deliver consistent, balanced drinks quickly and easily.

Andrew King, managing director of Funkin, said the draught range will help bartenders deliver “consistent and perfectly balanced cocktails that are quick and easy to pour”.

“This is an exciting launch for Funkin, as we continue to provide customers with products designed to deliver better service as well as great-tasting, quality cocktails,” he said.

“This innovation is a smart solution for operators looking to capitalise on the cocktail opportunity.”

Funkin’s ‘innovation champion’ Aiste Valiukaite said: “Having worked in a variety of outlets throughout my career, the draught cocktail concept is one that allows bartenders to serve quality cocktails in a flash, giving them time to engage with the customer and enhance their overall experience. Funkin’s range offers operators the opportunity to serve good quality, great-tasting cocktails consistently.”