Recipe: Triple-cooked Manchego Truffle Fries by Dion Scott, The Spanish Butcher, Glasgow

“No trip to The Spanish Butcher is complete without tasting our glorious Manchego truffle fries. The perfect accompaniment to any of our main courses, these fries enhance the flavour of our succulent Galician beef dishes. Don’t be fooled though, these deliciously gooey fries deserve praise all on their own! Perfect as a snack at the bar or a side with your main, these fries are a real star of the show here at The Spanish Butcher.”

– Dion Scott, The Spanish Butcher


1kg Agria potatoes

100g three month-aged Manchego cheese, finely grated

20g chives, minced

5ml black truffle oil

5ml extra virgin olive oil

Table salt to taste


1. Peel potatoes.

2. Cut into chips (1.5cm x 1.5cm).

3. Steam or boil until softened but not falling apart.

4. Allow to steam dry.

5. Throw chips in a colander to create fissures on outsides.

6. Cook in a deep fat fryer at 130 degrees until edges take a little bit of colour and appear to be drying out.

7. Remove from fryer and allow to cool.

8. Cook for final time in fryer at 180 degrees until crisp and golden.

9. Shake off excess fat and transfer to a bowl.

10. Mix the chips with all other ingredients.

11. Eat!