The holidays are officially coming

Soft drinks giant launches its annual festive campaign

The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck will appear on TV screens and tour the UK

DESIGNATED drivers and a famous red lorry will take centre stage again as Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) launches its festive marketing campaign.

Now in its tenth anniversary year, the seasonal Designated Driver scheme includes a buy-one-get-one-free offer on various CCEP soft drinks in what the firm has described as a ‘thank you’ to people behind the wheel on a night out.

The company said the initiative, which aims to support the licensed trade in its busiest month, has seen success in previous years, with participating venues’ overall wet sales increasing by almost 9% and 88% of licensees stating they would be willing to get involved with the strategy again.

If the needs of a designated driver are ignored it can mean less money in the till.

Around 8000 point of sales kits are being distributed to outlets.

CCEP’s director of field sales, Paul Grace, said: “Often, if the needs of a designated driver are ignored it can mean an early night for the rest of the party, and less money in the till for the licensee.

“The programme actively helps the trade increase dwell time of a whole group whilst promoting responsible messages around drinking and driving.”

The company’s festive advertising drive also includes the annual tour of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck which will visit 53 locations across the UK, and the well-known ‘Holidays Are Coming’ TV ad.