New rum is a team effort

Brand teams with trio to bottle ‘taste of Caribbean’

The new Bacardi X Major Lazer release

BACARDI is celebrating its first ever collaborative rum with the launch of the limited edition Bacardi X Major Lazer.

The rum giant collaborated with electronic music trio Major Lazer to create the spirit, which was designed to express flavours associated with the Caribbean.

The spirit has been described as having a warm silky body with notes of tropical fruit, cedar, almonds and vanilla; it has a rich amber hue and has been tropically aged for a minimum of three years.

The trio’s music has been inspired by the Caribbean, with band member Jillionaire hailing from Trinidad while Walshy Fire was born in the Jamaican capital, Kingston.

This unique blend really links rum and music in a way that’s never been done before.

The rum is the latest stage in the Sound of Rum campaign, which has included support for emerging Caribbean musicians as well as ‘musical experiences’ for Major Lazer fans.

The trio has drawn influence from several Caribbean styles of music, including reggae, dancehall and afro beats, to create what it describes as the ‘sound of rum’.

Major Lazer’s Jillionaire, said: “Creativity is in our blood. We create music on pretty much a daily basis, but creating our own rum is the stuff of dreams.

“We’ve worked with Bacardi to create this unique blend, something that we feel really embodies The Sound of Rum and links rum with music in a way that’s never been done before.”

Bacardi X Major Lazer will be available exclusively on Amazon from December, priced at £20 a bottle.