Alternative wine range extended

THE wine and spirits division of Carlsberg UK has extended the range of its on-trade exclusive label, Quirky Wines.

Curated by Crown Cellars master of wine Jonathan Pedley and wine buyer Louise Boddington, the seven new additions are intended to grab the attention of consumers while “providing great tasting, credible, quality wines”.

The additions include: Grapeful Dead Chardonnay, described as a 13.5% ABV easy-drinking white; Brightside Cabernet Sauvignon, a 12% ABV light Spanish red; Dead Man’s Dice Malbec, a “deep and vibrant Malbec” (13% ABV); Grapeful Dead Shiraz, a dry Chardonnay containing pear and spice aromas (13.5% ABV); Clockwork Raven Sauvignon, which is said to be an off-dry white (13% ABV); Brightside Pinot Grigio, a light-bodied ‘fresh’ off-dry white (12.5% ABV); and Brightside Zinfandel Rosé, which is described as a medium-sweet wine with a ‘refreshing’ finish (10.5% ABV).