Island rum takes to the seas

Setting sail: the new spirit, J. Gow Rum, was created by Collin van Schayk

A NEW island rum inspired by an Orcadian pirate has set sail from Orkney’s first rum distillery.

Called J. Gow Rum, the spirit is named after Orcadian pirate, John Gow, who was executed in London for his crimes in 1725.

Produced by VS Distillers, the rum was created by Collin van Schayk of the family-run Orkney Wine Company, based on the small island of Lamb Holm.

Part of the premises on Lamb Holm was specially adapted in order to produce the rum; production of the spirit began in April, with the first batches of the spirit released late last month.

With the family firm looking to diversify, van Schayk said rum was “an obvious choice”.

“It’s a first for Orkney and fits in well with the seafaring traditions of the islands, and our location on the shore of Lamb Holm,” he said.