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The future is now for the on-trade

Latest technological developments can set your venue apart from the competition, say firms

Virtual reality headsets allow customers to digitally explore any place – and operators can use this technology to drive their sales, say firms

TECHNOLOGY has come a long way in the on-trade in recent years, from advanced EPOS systems to smartphone-activated jukeboxes.

In software terms, too, there is now a wealth of options available to hospitality firms, which are capable of assisting with everything from scheduling shifts to marketing.

That was the view shared by hospitality software firms, which told SLTN there can be real benefits to operators who consider broadening their technological horizons.

Neil Farren of Clock Software, whose cloud-based software covers all manner of business functions – from events management to hotel reservation and booking systems, stressed the need for operators to stay up to date with the latest tech.

He said: “To stay ahead of a competitive market, business leaders need to constantly review their business and operating model and this needs [to include] the software they currently use.

“They need to stay ahead of the curve as their competitors will be doing this – and having the right tools in place can bring a competitive advantage.”

Operators need to stay ahead of the curve as their competitors will be doing this.

And hospitality software isn’t just about helping the operational side of a business.

“Software doesn’t just mean accountancy [solutions], etc – it’s much more far reaching and every software investment should improve your customer experience,” said Paul Costello of technology firm Virtual Keyhole.

The firm, which specialises in 3D immersive technology, creates a virtual tour of a venue which, when paired with a VR (virtual reality) headset, allows customers to virtually tour the venue at any time, 365 days a year.

And with many customers now looking up pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels before deciding to book or visit a venue, Costello reckons that this type of software can help set operators apart – and boost sales.

Technological developments can set businesses apart and bolster sales.

“At Virtual Keyhole we use cutting edge technology that allows customers to experience your bar, restaurant, hotel or venue from anywhere in the world on any type of device,” he said.

“Brands like Harvey Nichols use our 3D virtual tours to market their venues to increase footfall, future bookings and events spend.”

While some may have trepidations about utilising such technology, Costello reckons, with competition fiercer than ever, “it has never been so important to keep ahead of the curve”.

“If you don’t, you will soon be left behind by your competition,” he said.

Keeping up to date


“Software is so vital for operations and selling your business; having the right tools in place ensures competitive advantage in your market place.”

– Neil Farren, Clock Software


“In an ever-changing marketplace, it has never been so important to keep ahead of the curve. If you don’t, you will soon be left behind by your competition.”

  – Paul Costello, Virtual Keyhole

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