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Busby Hotel deputy manager Kyle Smith discusses the benefits of EPOS

The Busby Hotel in Clarkston was bought by Manorview in 2013 and refurbished in 2014

Q: Which type of EPOS system do you currently use? What changes have advances in payment technology brought about for your business?
A: We operate the Aloha till system. There’s great benefits of this for the staff. It does everything for you. You don’t need to work out any calculations. The buttons will work out totals and any change to be given to customers.

There’s breakdown buttons, which allows you to select between different products. For example there are different types of cordial and it will separate into lime/blackcurrant. This also helps with stock-taking, as it lets you know how much is being used, identifies the big sellers of that week and also the lowest sellers.

Q: In your view, how important is the right EPOS system to today’s licensed trade?
A: It’s extremely important. It makes the job easier, it’s faster, more efficient and it limits any mistakes. Food orders, for example, go straight through to the kitchen. In previous times with handwritten orders, people’s handwriting could be difficult to read and mistakes could be made.

Q: Have you noticed a change in consumer behaviour? For instance, do customers now expect to be able to pay by contactless and through services such as Apple and Android Pay?
A: Yes, technology has moved on and our card machines are contactless. A lot of our customers now use contactless. This again speeds up the process slightly. We occasionally get people paying by Apple/Android Pay, but this is quite rare.

Q: In terms of loyalty schemes, what benefits does the right EPOS system offer that can help encourage repeat custom?
A: The EPOS system is a big benefit for the staff, but it also speeds up the whole process for our customers. It makes everything run faster, smoother and more efficient. This all leads to being able to offer great customer service and deliver high standards.

• Kyle Smith is the deputy manager of the Busby Hotel, which was renovated by owner Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group in 2014.