Influencing the on-trade

Campaign for Czech beer aims to engage staff and customers

The campaign will aim to raise the profile of the company’s pilsner beer brand, Pravha

MOLSON Coors is looking to win friends and influence people on behalf of its Pravha brand with the launch of a new campaign.

The Pravha Influencers campaign aims to bolster footfall into venues; the ‘influencers’ will visit venues across the country to engage with both consumers and bartenders.

Staff behind the bar will be offered training via augmented reality technology, with the goal of “educating and inspiring” bartenders about the pilsner, its story and its heritage. They will be shown a map of Prague which, when overlaid with the influencer’s iPad, will “bring to life the backstory” of the light pilsner.

The campaign also aims to engage directly with consumers.

Influencers will offer free samples of Pravha in small, branded glasses served from a chrome briefcase.

And to drive engagement, consumers will be encouraged to play #PraguePrices, where they are given a chance to win a pint of Pravha for 70p – the price of a pint in Prague.

Clare Vintner, customer marketing and field sales management director, Molson Coors UK & Ireland, said the aim of the campaign is “to excite customers and consumers and drive increased rate of sale in the premium world beer category”.

“Consumers are increasingly looking for premium brands with heritage, flavour and provenance,” she said.