Distiller takes a look at liqueurs

Scandinavia and Asia inspire St Andrews drinks firm

Eden Mill Strawberry & Black Pepper liqueur

ST Andrews craft distiller Eden Mill has made its first foray into the liqueurs market.

The company, which produces a range of craft beers, gins, pre-mixed gin-based cocktails and whisky, has released a range of gin liqueurs.

Scandinavia and east Asia are said to have provided inspiration for the three-strong range, which comprises Lemon and Raisin (20% ABV), Strawberry and Cracked Black Pepper (25% ABV) and Pear and Cassia (25% ABV); the lemon and raisin liqueur is said to have been influenced by Finnish sparkling drink Sima, while Eden Mill’s pear and cassia liqueur is infused with bark sourced from east Asian evergreens.

The new liqueurs are packaged in bespoke bottles bearing the swing-top closure synonymous with Eden Mill gin; the recommended serve for each is over ice in a highball glass topped with soda, a dash of bitters and a fresh garnish, or, alternatively, added to a glass of fizz.

Eden Mill co-founder Paul Miller said the liqueurs are the latest step in the company’s ongoing expansion of its product range.

“After five years, we’ve conquered the art of beer, gin and whisky, making now the perfect time for our first foray into the world of gin liqueurs,” he said.

“We’re in the incredibly fortunate and unique position at Eden Mill that our entire operation is intertwined, with creative inspiration and ideas just as likely to come from our marketing department as our distillers – the process really has involved the wider team from the beginning.

“This spirit of experimentation has resulted in three completely unique flavours brought to life here in St Andrews by our expert distillers, each built from a base of heavy juniper, earthy beetroot and sweet coconut yet delivering entirely different experiences to the palate. The launch adds to an exciting year for Eden Mill, as we continue to expand both our product range and our experiential offerings.”