An Italian pairing

Giovanna Eusebi

GLASGOW restaurant Eusebi Deli has become the first UK stockist of Italian craft beer, Labi Beer.

Eusebi Deli’s owner, Giovanna Eusebi (pictured), travels to Italy often to discover the latest trends, as well as source produce and products.

The Labi Beer range consists of seven varieties, including: La Bionda, a “pleasantly bitter” 4.8% German ale; La Rossa, which is described as a 6.5% Belgian ale with a “toffee, ripe fruit flavour”; La Ambrata, a bitter 6% IPA; La GlutenFree, a 5% German ale; La Bianca, which is described as a “refreshing” 4.5% white beer; La Dorata, a 7% “Belgian strong ale”; and La Nera, which is a 7% imperial stout with “liquorice and coffee notes”.

All seven beers are available in 750ml, 500ml and 300ml bottles.

Giovanna Eusebi said that, having searched for a craft beer to pair with the restaurant’s food, Labi Beer “ticked all the boxes”.

“We both do not believe in overworking ingredients; keep it simple, let nature’s flavours do the talking,” she said.

“What links us together is the drive for authenticity, a respect for diversity and the tradition of Italian food.”