Moving forward with a fall release

The Autumn Edition is available now

CAITHNESS-based Dunnet Bay Distillery has launched the latest seasonal variant of its Rock Rose Gin.

Released earlier this month, the Autumn Edition features the same base botanicals as the original Rock Rose Gin combined with locally-grown and foraged fruits, including blackberries and raspberries from Caithness Summer Fruits, blaeberries from the Dunnet area, and Vietnamese coriander and nasturtium grown in the distillery’s own geodome.

The gin’s white ceramic bottle has also been given a seasonal makeover, with the colour of the leaves on the bottle changed to autumnal orange and brown.

Martin Murray, co-founder of Dunnet Bay Distillers, described Rock Rose’s seasonal editions as “extra special, as they are small-batch and crafted with ingredients from our gardens and local forest”.

“For autumn, the flavour profile is all about berries and spice and we suggest serving it with some fresh blueberries and basil,” he said.