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Glasgow-based Alliance Till Systems offers operators the full EPOS package

WHEN Hervé Bouchard set about launching his own EPOS company, he had a clear goal in mind: to offer a personal, end of service package to suit all Scottish operators – no matter the size of the operation.

Having worked for an EPOS company for a decade, Hervé decided it was time to strike out on his own and, ten years ago, launched Glasgow-based Alliance Till Systems. An EPOS system distributor, Alliance installs and tailors touch screen terminals and the NCR Orderman7 handheld ordering system to hospitality businesses across Scotland and other parts of the UK.

And Hervé is well placed when it comes to understanding the hospitality sector’s EPOS requirements.

Having initially trained in the hospitality industry whilst living in his native France, before moving to the UK in 1979 where he worked in the sector for years in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Hervé’s hospitality background, combined with his EPOS knowledge, gives Alliance Till Systems the edge over its competitors when it comes to understanding clients’ needs.

“I believe that my hospitality background has given me an advantage when it comes to delivering specifically tailored solutions to the hospitality industry, because I understand the client’s needs,” he said.

But it goes far beyond understanding.

Much like other technology sectors, EPOS continues to develop and evolve – and Alliance Till Systems is now able to offer the NCR Orderman7 handheld device – with a key difference, designed specifically for the hospitality industry, it is especially suited to high volume businesses.

Hervé said: “We are pleased to be able to offer the NCR Orderman7. It’s a fantastic product – the best in the market without a doubt.”

While tablets are often used to take orders in today’s busy bars, cafés and restaurants, the NCR Orderman7 is a truly handheld device with a key difference. Unlike tablets, the NCR Orderman7 connects to an outlet’s EPOS till via radio waves, as opposed to wi-fi, making it far more reliable when submitting orders to the bar or kitchen.

Designed to survive the tough on-trade environment, and with an operating time of up to 18 hours, the NCR Orderman7 allows staff to enter orders at tables to be dispatched to bar and kitchen printers straight away. The NCR Orderman7 can also be paired with a belt printer, making it even more versatile for outdoor areas.

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The NCR Orderman7 is a clear winner in the hospitality industry and will help boost profits.

Herve explained: “Say it’s a busy Friday night, somebody at a table says they would like another bottle of wine… how many times have you been in a busy restaurant and the order is accidentally forgotten? And then by the time it is picked up on, the customer has changed their mind.

“Working with this device will enable staff to better look after customers as well as up-sell in busy environments.”

The new device has already been rolled out in Cottiers in Glasgow’s west end and Pizza Posto on Edinburgh’s Nicolson Street with great success.

In addition to the NCR Orderman7, Alliance is an authorised ICR Touch re-seller.

This versatile and extremely reliable point of sale software suits businesses of all sizes and can be easily adapted where necessary; the system can range from a single POS to multi-site businesses requiring multiple touch screen terminals.

But just as crucial as the reliability of the front end, the cloud-based back-office reporting TouchOfficeWeb provides management with up to date/live information, which means everything from financial reports to till sales can be accessed anywhere from a smartphone or laptop.

At Alliance Till Systems, Hervé and his team use their expertise to tailor the software to the clients’ own requirements.

Hervé said: “We have the same rigorous approach in delivering the best service to our many clients, from small cafés, bars, restaurants to larger multi-site operators, like the GGIT – Glasgow Great Institutions and Taverns – and the Rusk & Rusk Group.

Ultimately, Alliance Till Systems’ fully tailored service ensures all businesses’ EPOS solutions are customised to suit the requirements of the trade.

Alliance Till Systems has the EPOS solution for you. With its full end of service package, you can be reassured that it is always on hand to help. Because the company knows the industry, it knows how important a modern, reliable EPOS system is to the success of a business.