Highland whisky is back by demand

TOMATIN Distillery has announced the return of The Antiquary 12 Year Old blended whisky after a three-year absence from the market, due to “widespread demand”.

The firm has revamped the whisky by changing its recipe and slightly adjusting its diamond-cut bottle, which is said to be one of the brand’s biggest selling points.

Jennifer Masson, marketing manager of Tomatin Distillery, said: “The Antiquary has been around since 1888 and, particularly in the UK, is known as the blend that ‘my grandfather used to drink’.

“We want to challenge that perception and give this deserving institution a new lease of life. The packaging will attract a wider, and younger, demographic without distancing our existing customers. We’ve tweaked the recipe to better reflect the original recipe used by the Hardie brothers in 1888, resulting in the smoothest blend in years.”