Gin inspired by tale of Edinburgh port

GLEANN Mor Spirits has launched the first of its ‘geographical gin’ range, Leith Gin.

The firm, founded in 2013 by Derek Mair, said the gin has been created by two Edinburgh residents who wanted to produce a full-flavoured spirit that was easy on the palate.

Mair revealed that when the firm moved its warehouse to the Edinburgh locale nearly two years ago it “felt like a natural opportunity to create something special”.

He said: “At the same time as we were exploring the idea of creating Leith Gin, we were intrigued to find out the Port of Leith has a spirited history of importing and exporting dating back to the 1700s. It was the gateway to one of Scotland’s most important trading partners – the Netherlands – from where the Dutch East India Company imported gin’s precursor, Genever. After reading more about this history, there was no going back and Leith Gin was firmly on the horizon.”