Keeping it cool with new supply process

BREWDOG has launched a new chilled supply chain process to ensure all its beer distributed in the UK will remain at a constant of eight degrees Celsius.

To achieve this, Brewdog has worked with warehousing specialists in Glasgow to install refrigerated storage.
The brewery, set up in 2007, will also store all of its guest beers for 30 UK BrewDog bars in the same chilled areas.
The move comes as part of a wider commitment from the craft brewer to ensure its beer is constantly stored at cool temperatures to preserve its freshness.

Co-founder James Watt said the process, which went live last month, will keep beer fresher for longer.
He said: “Beer kept cold keeps its flavour and quality for longer, and that is a fundamental requirement for us.
“We live and die by the quality of our beer, and our commitment to this chilled process will ensure we never let our beer drop below eight degrees.”