Brave new ads for water brand

Scottish scenery is backdrop for summer campaign

SCOTLAND’S stunning scenery forms the backdrop for a new summer ad campaign for water brand Highland Spring.

• The Brave By Nature ad was filmed in various locations, including the Glenfinnan viaduct.

The Brave By Nature ad, which made its TV debut last week (June 1) as part of the six-month campaign, features a “James Bond-esque” character landing by parachute on a hillside near the Glenfinnan viaduct before making a dangerous jump on to a moving train.
As he completes the jump, the scene cuts back to reality for the character, who has instead made it onto a busy Edinburgh commuter bus where he takes a sip of Highland Spring as the bus makes its way through the capital; the ad ends with a shot of Edinburgh Castle in the background as the bus featuring the ‘Highland Spring – Brave By Nature’ advert passes by.

There is room for further growth in the bottled water category.

The TV ad will be accompanied by digital media advertising, social media and Sky TV sponsorship as part of the campaign, which Highland Spring Group anticipates will reach more than 72% of UK adults.
Karen Crowley, head of consumer marketing at Highland Spring Group, said the new campaign is the biggest yet for the brand.
“It’s not just about dealing with whatever life throws at you – it’s having the thirst to make the most of it and turn every day into a good day and we are here to provide the necessary hydration to help consumers achieve this,” she said. “That’s what Brave By Nature is all about.
“Ensuring you stay hydrated can help you to achieve everyday success, yet 60% of the population drinks just one serving of water or less a day, as opposed to the recommended eight servings.
“This, coupled with the fact that volumes of bottled water are expected to hit around 4.6 billion litres by 2021, shows that there is plenty of room for further growth in the bottled water category.”
The Brave By Nature campaign follows a major revamp of the Highland Spring packaging; the new look is said to balance the provenance and heritage of the brand with a “simple modernity”.