Keep it real with new cash app

• The app works with cash scales.

A NEW app designed to give operators greater ‘real-time’ visibility of their business’s cash has been launched.
Cashmaster Connect, the new management information app from Cashmaster, is designed to be used with its ‘count-by-weight’ scales range, Cashmaster One.
The app is said to offer a simple way to record cash-count data from tills “accurately and efficiently in a matter of seconds”, enabling operators to automatically output till counts in Excel format.
Amanda Treend, group product and marketing director at Cashmaster, said it means operators can “automatically capture important cash data, making financial reporting easier and more accurate than ever”.
“We receive daily feedback from our customers on how our Cashmaster count-by-weight devices have an immediate impact on their cash management with real improvements in efficiency, accuracy and cost savings,” she said.