Cutting down for a worthy cause

WHOLESALER Bidvest Foodservice has joined forces with drinks brand One Drinks to mark the pair’s ten years of working together with a water-based charity initiative.
The companies will join forces in March this year to raise awareness of the global water crisis through One Drinks’ ‘Give Water Give Life’ campaign.
As part of the campaign, teams from across Bidvest Foodservice’s 22 UK depots will undertake a ‘five litre challenge’. The challenge will see staff members use only five litres of water over 25 hours for all of their drinking, cooking and washing needs – a task said to be the every day reality for millions of people across the world who lack access to clean water. The average person in the UK is said to use 150 litres of water per day.
Bidvest Foodservice is also recruiting others in the industry, including customers, to participate in the challenge.
Shirley Duncalf, Bidvest Foodservice’s head of sustainability, said the company hopes the initiative will drive interest from customers to support the brand and fund further projects in Africa.
“Our aim for the campaign is to see how much bigger we can make One’s initiatives with the support from others in the industry,” said Duncalf.
“Supporting One Drinks is something we’d love more businesses to consider.”