Behind the bar: Taynuilt Hotel

“IN the whisky bar of Taynuilt we have seen a move away from younger whiskies and a definite trend in splashing out for something special.
“I think in 2017 we will see a good year in sales especially if the pound and Euro stay so close in value and we see an influx of European visitors.
“For us knowledge is key; guests are happy to spend on premium as long as the delivery, serve and story come as part of the package.
“We have branded glassware, napkins and other accoutrements to serve alongside our whiskies to lift the experience that bit higher; and staff training on the distillery and story behind the release is a must.
“We love to offer whisky wherever we can throughout a stay with guests. What you must do is match the feel of the building or room you use.
“There is no magic solution (to whisky); staff have as much responsibility to learn as management has to provide training.
“Ensure the bar is set up with the correct equipment and serving accessories, with clear instruction on how to serve specific drinks.
“I always deliver training verbally, then by demonstration and tasting, supported with flash card/notes that are clear, summarised and able to be personalised by the staff member with notes.”

• David Lapsley is general manager and head sommelier at Taynuilt Hotel.