It’s important to be seen

Point of sale is an effective way of talking to customers

MAKING customers aware of exactly what a venue is offering – whether it’s food, drink or entertainment – is arguably one of the most important factors in promoting an outlet to visitors.

And while attracting customers to the venue in the first place is obviously essential, the work isn’t over once the customer is inside the premises.
Point of sale materials, from posters and table talkers to bar runners and glassware, are one of the most popular ways for licensees to communicate the products and brands they are selling, and help customers make that all-important decision about what they’ll be ordering at the bar.
However, when it comes to promotional materials, one size doesn’t fit all.
The right point of sale materials, and the best positioning for said materials, will vary from venue to venue.
“Operators should tailor the types of POS they use to play to the layout of their premises,” said Colette Duckworth, from the customer marketing team at Tennent’s.
“What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. Licensees should think about the messages they want to convey to their customers, then order POS they can use to best help achieve that goal.”
According to POS specialist UK Point of Sale, there has been a shift in popular point of sale materials in recent years.
“Wooden POS is growing in popularity thanks to its multiple benefits over traditional plastic or printed displays, making it perfect for pubs and bars,” said managing director Jason Leslie.
“Over recent years the standard substrates have stayed consistent, however there has been a growing trend in the more traditional materials such as wood and metal, refined for the more rustic feel.
“Fabric banners have become increasingly popular as you can now display large format graphics in a modern and dynamic way quicker than ever before.
“Fabric banners have gone from a basic frame and banner to illuminated LED frames with even bigger graphics.”
Duckworth, at Tennent’s, said the brewer and wholesaler provides its customers with a wide range of promotional materials, including drip mats, A-boards and drinks coasters as well as customisable lager fonts, but the firm considers branded glassware to be “the most important part of point of sale”.
Positioning the chosen point of sale materials so they have maximum impact on customers is vital, and firms advised choosing the display areas carefully.
Leslie said any material flagging up promotions is best positioned behind the bar, with posters and chalkboards popular choices, while the bar top itself is useful for leaflet holders promoting events or menus.
“One of the often forgotten gems of any public area is the toilets,” said Leslie.
“The backs of toilet doors are perfect for promoting in-house events or promotions.”
It’s also advisable to move certain promotional materials around the venue in order to ensure they get the best exposure, said Duckworth.
“Display all POS as prominently as possible,” she said.
“Rotate your POS round the bar to ensure you are maximising your sales.
“Felt bar runners are perfect for rotation as they can be cleaned using only tap water and air drying.
“Timing is also a factor. If for example a publican is looking to introduce a new product, POS can be used to help raise awareness of the product and prompt customers to ask staff for more information.”