High-end sells well

Wine firm’s report reveals upswing in sales in Scotland’s premium outlets

red-wine-glassHigh-end Scottish venues are extracting serious sales potential from premium wines, according to the latest premium on-trade wine report from Liberty Wines.
Developed in partnership with CGA Strategy, the report revealed a 6.6% increase in premium wine case sales in high-end Scottish outlets as defined  by CGA, leading to what Liberty Wines called a “strong value increase” of 17.5% year-on-year.
Red wine has been the driving force behind wine growth in premium outlets, the report revealed, with Scotland bucking the white wine growth trend that has been seen across the rest of the UK.
Premium red wine sales and market share were found to have increased, with value sales “surging forward” at a rate of 33.4%.screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-09-34-46
Pinot Grigio continues to be the top selling grape variety in volume terms, however Liberty Wines said Tempranillo and Malbec have both shown “tremendous growth”.
In the sparkling sub-category, Liberty Wines said Prosecco has also seen “strong growth” in both volume and value terms, up 70.1% by volume and 70.8% in value.
The report found that while premium growth is “buoyant”, this was in “stark contrast” to the total on-trade market for wines, which “continues to decline”.
David Gleave, managing director at Liberty Wines, said the report “shows that Scottish consumers are opting to dine at one of the increasing number of premium venues in cities such as Edinburgh and are spending more when they do”.