Scholarship success for Apex

The first two students to go through a new hospitality scholarship programme have been recruited by Apex Hotels.
The initiative, run jointly by Apex and Queen Margaret University (QMU), saw the hotels group support two students during their final year at the university.

• Both students have been offered full-time positions with Apex Hotels.

Annie Fowden and Florencia Gago Bigñe started management apprenticeships with Apex in February. They have now been offered full-time positions with the company.
Norman Springford, managing director of Apex Hotels, said he was “very pleased” with the programme.
“The two students who were offered positions at Apex Hotels have demonstrated excellent personal and professional skills that were developed at QMU and within Apex Hotels,” said Springford.
“This will help make them great assets for our team.
“We look forward to the Apex Hotels scholarship programme continuing in the future to benefit many more students who seek fulfilling careers in the hospitality industry.”