Time to look at your tech

The right equipment can make a big difference to a venue

Scotland’s bar and pub operators are waking up to the benefits of investing in cutting-edge technology for their businesses, suppliers have told SLTN.

• Technology is not just for pub groups. Independents can also benefit, say firms
• Technology is not just for pub groups. Independents can also benefit, say firms

As technology increasingly becomes a part of everyday life for consumers – from smartphones to contactless payments – so too is it helping licensees to become more efficient in the running of their businesses, and improving the experience for their customers.
Lesley Orr of hospitality tech firm Posera said the Scottish trade is now “very open in learning how technology can save them money and time and offer their customers exceptional service”.
Acquiring the right equipment can pay off for operators, said Robin Knox, co-founder of EPOS specialist Intelligent Point of Sale.
“The right business technology is about empowerment and it does not take long for those in tune with their businesses and their customers to grasp the opportunities technology can deliver, whether it is new insight, the ability to work remotely and in real time, or simply creating a unique customer experience every time,” said Knox.
This was supported by John Thomson of EPOS firm Cash Control Systems, who said the latest EPOS technology “can better performance in many ways”.
Advantages highlighted by Thomson included saving time when ordering stock, ensuring the correct prices are charged at point of sale and the ability to produce detailed receipts.
Ultimately, technology can have a real impact on a business’s bottom line, said Andy Hill of Virtual Jukebox.
Hill said technology, when implemented correctly, can “create an unforgettable experience for customers, increase dwell time, encourage spend and ensure customers repeat their visit”.
And the latest tech isn’t solely the preserve of larger multiple operators or pub groups, said firms.
“Technology has as much of a place in smaller, independent pubs as it does in premium bars or larger pub groups,” said Mike McCabe, head of business development at Markadis, the firm behind the Mii-Promo customer loyalty system.
And Stuart McLean of Epos specialist, Zonal, said technology systems should be viewed as “a core investment for any type of pub operator, whether a sole trader or PLC”.
Ideally, any technology an outlet introduces should be of benefit to customers as well as staff, said Owen Chen of EPOS firm Posiflex.
“In a world where customers expect quick and efficient service, licensees need bar systems that not only deliver accurate management information but also improve the overall customer experience,” said Chen.