Taking a bigger bite of French pastries

French patisserie firm Brioche Pasquier has  introduced a new, larger box of its frozen macarons to the UK foodservice market.
The firm describes the macarons as “a favourite choice for afternoon teas, after dinner treats, mid-morning breaks and special occasions such as wedding feasts”.

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The macarons, which are made from egg whites whipped into a meringue and mixed with ground almonds before being sandwiched together with a filling, come in six flavours: lemon, vanilla, pistachio, coffee, raspberry and chocolate.
The firm claims there has been a growing demand for the traditional French style of sweet among UK consumers.
“We have responded to the demand from caterers for a larger box of macarons,” said Brioche Pasquier sales manager Paul Thompson.
“Our boxes of 36 are perfect for smaller establishments, but of course there are many operators catering on a much larger scale for whom the bigger box will be very convenient.”
The macarons have a shelf-life of 18 months while frozen and can be defrosted at room temperature in an hour, or defrosted in two hours inside a refrigerator.