Chris Amos, The Flying Duck, Glasgow

• What beers do you have in stock at The Flying Duck?
We’ve just over 20 different beers/lagers/ales in the bar. Five draught, the rest are bottled with the odd can in there too.
• What do you look for when choosing your range?
We try to keep it as flexible as possible, change is always good. Having a good, well rounded selection is important obviously, so if we’re changing the range, it’s always good to make sure we’re catering to all tastes and covering all bases.013_Duck 2

• Do you stock any low/no ABV beers?
We have one at the moment, Krombacher have a pretty nice alcohol-free bottled beer. I can’t say any particular group is buying them, they seem to have a pretty even spread across markets. The one thing I have noticed is that we’re not only selling them to people who are driving, it seems some are buying them for a beer while avoiding alcohol.
• What are your best sellers at the moment?
We have a pretty odd split in that we have a high volume on our cheaper “gig/student” cans of beer, but outside of that Amstel and any of the Williams Brothers beers are pretty good sellers.
Amstel is a pretty decent beer that doesn’t break the bank, whereas Williams have generated a pretty good name for themselves and some of their more well known beers over the last few years.

012_Flying Duck

• Besides your own pub, where would you go for a good pint?
The Sparkle Horse. Their West is pretty good and until recently they had bottles of Krusovice in, which I’ve been a big fan of for years.
Decent pub, decent beer.