A festive first in St Andrews

The Adamson Bar in St Andrews is gearing up for its first Christmas, and festive preparations are well underway.
The venue, which opened in March of this year joining the existing Adamson restaurant, was adorned with Christmas decorations last week in anticipation of the festive rush in the coming weeks.

024_The Adamson team
Julie Lewis (centre) and the team at The Adamson are ready for Christmas

And Julie Lewis of The Adamson said that although the venue will not be going overboard with its Christmas menu, both the bar and adjoining restaurant will be more than ready to cater for the occasion.
“We’ve got menu changes on the first of December,” said Julie.

026_The Adamson cocktail 1“We change the menu seasonally, every three months, and we’ll go into our winter change.”
Guests at The Adamson will be able to select drinks from a range of seasonal and classic cocktails as well as some of the speciality serves created by the bar’s mixologists, including a Smoked Scotch Sour made with Highland Park Svein which Julie said she hopes will be popular with customers this December.
The festive season doesn’t just bring new drinks, however.
It also brings new clientele; and while some may be familiar with The Adamson restaurant, Julie said she is looking forward to showcasing the new bar.
“People come back [to the town] to join their families [at Christmas],” she said.
“I think we’ll probably get some people that haven’t seen the bar yet.
“And we get a lot of tourists visiting St Andrews as well, so I’m sure we’ll get a lot of new people in the bar.”