The spirit of youth

MELON liqueur brand Midori is the subject of a new digital PR campaign which UK distributor Maxxium expects will build the brand’s appeal with a younger demographic.

Targeted at 18 to 25 year old drinkers, the new campaign includes the launch of the brand’s first dedicated UK Twitter account and a revamp to its existing social media accounts.
Maxxium UK said the social media campaign will be accompanied by a “strategic marketing push” to run until March 2016.
Nick Barker, brand manager for liqueurs at Maxxium, said the firm is “really excited to be upping our digital game and re-establishing Midori’s position as a fun, young brand”.
“Midori is driven by its fans and we want to continue to excite them and give them more opportunities to explore and enjoy the brand,” said Barker.
“Our audience lives for great times with friends and love making lasting memories. By tapping into our core target’s interests and playing in her spaces, we want to strengthen fans’ emotional connection with Midori.”