Belgian brand takes tour of Scotland

Tennent Caledonian has embarked on a promotional drive for its Belgian beer brand Heverlee.
A branded van has been driven from the brand’s home city of Leuven and is touring Scotland, piloted by two brand ambassadors.

Heverlee van
It is visiting pubs and bars in more than 70 locations across Scotland, delivering point of sale materials as well as samples of Heverlee’s recently launched wheat beer, Heverlee Witte.
“We’re thrilled to have two Leuven-born brand ambassadors undertaking this great Heverlee road trip to engage with outlets and deliver point of sale across the country,” said JP Murphy, head of brands at Tennent Caledonian.
“With Heverlee doing well in Scotland, this is a great opportunity to showcase the brand’s Belgian heritage to some of the more rural outlets.”