Put Borders on whisky map

WHISKY drinkers are being urged to put the Borders ‘back on the whisky map’ by choosing a location for what’s said to be the region’s first distillery since 1837.

R&B Distillers, Alasdair Day
Looking for answers: R&B Distillers co-founder Alasdair Day

R&B Distillers is asking whisky fans ‘the big question’ to  gather opinion on where a distillery should be built. Participants are invited to vote online for their favourite Borders location from a number of options, including Tweed Valley, Peebles Kelso, Melrose, Galashiels and Eyemouth.

The firm, which also hopes to open a distillery on Raasay, believes the Borders could be the ideal location for a whisky distillery.

Co-founder Alasdair Day said: “It’s really quite remarkable that somewhere as iconic as the Scottish Borders has remained untouched by whisky distilling for such a long time.

“Just like whiskies from the Highlands, Speyside or Islay, a small-batch whisky distilled in the Borders will have its own unique flavour, informed by the provenance and terroir of the region.”