UK-wide craft site

A wholesale firm offering to connect the pub trade with craft breweries across the UK has launched online. is now offering UK-wide delivery of British craft beers from a range of breweries including Fallen Brewing, Orbit Beers London, The Runaway Brewery, and Northern Monk Brew Co.

craft beer pint

Wholesale prices on the site are set by the breweries who are also responsible for stock management and storage. provides logistics and is said to ensure delivery to the on-trade in one working day once the order has left the brewery.

A spokesman for the online wholesale firm said: “Breweries which previously struggled to get their beers to pubs outside of their local area can now send their beer to all the corners of the UK, with the confidence of knowing that they can still manage the quality of the beer, whilst pubs can access a much larger network of breweries and can order without the restriction of a minimum order.”