Quit smoking with Pantheon

Grilling food can easily generate a lot of smoke – and odours – especially problematic if the kitchen is small or if grilling takes place front of house. Also, the porous make up of traditional, cast iron grills tends to hold on to the flavours of previously cooked foods (as well as the burnt residues that can create smoke) which seriously limits the variety of foods they can be used for. Swapping between meats, fish, vegetarian and sweet is virtually impossible.

Pantheon's CCG2R Double Ribbed Top Ceramic Contact Grill

The simple solution is a ceramic plated contact grill. Pantheon’s newest range of ceramic contact grills have completely non-porous surfaces that do not hold on to food flavours
or trap particles of cooking debris so produce no smoke and, with a fast, but effective, wipe between uses, can provide a very useful cooking medium across a wide variety of foods.

Their sheer versatility enables them to be used far more extensively than traditional grills too. As well as the usual paninis, steaks, burgers and so forth, they allow caterers to add some exciting new menu items.

A further bonus is that Pantheon CCG Grills heat up fast and cook quickly which makes them very energy efficient.

The grills come in single and double options, both with a choice of smooth and ribbed tops.