New Energy Efficient Heated Display from Pantheon

Pantheon has launched two new, countertop, heated display units perfect for displaying and serving hot food.

The HD1 is the smaller unit measuring just 540w x 380d x 85h mms which easily accommodates a 1/1 gastronorm pan or many other configurations. Its temperature can be selected manually with the simple, front-sited control knob up to a maximum of 85°C. Heat is evenly distributed through a large heat pad situated immediately below the easy clean ceramic glass top.

Pantheon HD2 countertop, heated display unit

The larger, HDL2, provides a larger base area as well as two, 150w, infrared heat lamps and a shatter-resistant, Plexiglas sneeze screen. The base measures 730w x 580d but has two separate temperature control knobs allowing both halves to operate at different temperatures or for one half to be switched off altogether. Like the HD1, the maximum temperature is 85°C. Similarly, the two heat lamps are individually controlled enabling them to be used singly or in tandem. These features help make the HDL2 particularly energy efficient.

Both units benefit from Pantheon’s all-encompassing 1 year guarantee and are available throughout the UK from the company’s network of distributors.

List price for the HD1 is £245 and for the HDL2 is £455.00.

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