Gin set to remain in high spirits?

Bottled cocktails could prove popular.
Bottled cocktails could prove popular.

TREND spotters from Martin Miller’s Gin claim the popularity of the spirit shows no signs of waning as 2015 gets underway.
The brand’s Jacob Ehrenkrona claims bars in New York are switching to more premium gins such as the English-distilled spirit.
He said: “It’s a trend we expect to follow suit in the UK next year, as consumers become more aware of the quality of gins now available.”
This year he reckons there will be more experimentation at the bar including the use of different garnishes and “artisan” tonics such as Fever Tree.
Ehrenkrona also expects to see more botanicals infused at the point of serve to showcase the ingredients within a gin, as well as a rise in both bottled cocktails and classic cocktails on tap.
“Bottled cocktails are not just for convenience purposes and quality assurance but they have a fun appeal about them, with a nostalgic throwback to drinking from milk bottles,” said Ehrenkrona.
“Also watch out for the new wave of ‘cocktails on tap’, where bars will serve premium, classic cocktails on draught.”