Scots’ thirst for cider still strong

• Demand for packaged cider in the Scottish on-trade remains strong, according to Kopparberg.
• Demand for packaged cider in the Scottish on-trade remains strong, according to Kopparberg.

Volume of fruit variants sold in bars growing, firm says

SCOTTISH pub-goers’ thirst for Swedish fruit cider Kopparberg shows little sign of waning, according to new research.
A report for Kopparberg by CGA Strategy claims sales of Kopparberg in Scotland’s pubs and bars climbed 8.3% in volume terms in the year to September 2014, while packaged cider as a whole saw a 2.1% uplift in the Scottish on-trade.
Kopparberg’s Strawberry & Lime variant drove growth for the brand in bars north of the border, with volumes up 29.6% in the period, while Mixed Fruit – Kopparberg’s biggest-selling variant in the Scottish on-trade in volume terms – saw growth of 2.4%.
Across the GB on-trade as a whole, the volume of packaged cider sold in the year to September 2014 was down 3.6%, according to the report, with Kopparberg up 8.9% in volume terms.
Mixed Fruit is Kopparberg’s biggest-selling variant across the GB on-trade, with volumes up 7% in the year to September 2014. However, Strawberry & Lime was the brand’s star performer in the GB on-trade, with volume growth of 22.6% in the period.
Ben Turner, customer marketing manager for Kopparberg, said the figures show consumers’ thirst for the brand’s fruit ciders is not diminishing – especially north of the border.
“It’s been a great year for Kopparberg in the Scottish on-trade,” said Turner.
“Packaged cider sales are performing better here than in the UK as a whole and Kopparberg is the best selling packaged cider brand in Scotland.
“Fruit cider appeals to the macro trend for lighter, sweeter flavours.
“Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime has been leading the way in terms of flavours Scots are turning to, delivering 29.6% growth in the past year.
“Scots have really taken to our brand and we’re looking forward to supporting the on-trade in 2015.”
• Kopparberg launched an alcohol-free Strawberry & Lime variant last month; it joins the brand’s Mixed Fruit and Kopparberg Pear alcohol-free variants.