A taste of smoky mist

BURN Stewart, the firm behind Bunnahabhain, has unveiled a limited edition expression of the single malt.
Bunnahabhain Ceòbanach, which means ‘smoky mist’ in Scots Gaelic, is said to take inspiration from life on Islay in the 1800s, when the distillery was founded, a time when smoke from open fires created a smoky mist on the island.
Ian MacMillan, master blender at Bunnahabhain, claims to have worked on Ceòbanach for the last ten years.
“I have spent a decade regularly monitoring, nosing and tasting these whiskies as they matured,” said Macmillan.
“I always envisaged that this product would be perfect around ten years old and I certainly have not been disappointed.”
Bunnahabhain Ceòbanach is available from specialist whisky retailers.