Soft sell aims to spread the joy

Britvic Soft Drinks
• The first TV ad in the campaign features ‘Junior’s breakdance crew’ and ‘Old Irish folk music’.

SOFT drink brand J2O is the focus of a major new marketing campaign.
Titled ‘there’s joy in the blend’, the £2.3 million campaign centres on blending ‘Js’ and ‘Os’ that would not normally go together to “create something amazing”.
The first of the TV ads, which debuted earlier this month, mixes ‘Junior’s breakdance crew’ with ‘Old Irish folk music’. J2O’s Orange & Passion Fruit flavour is promoted at the end of the ad, which shows the two fruits blending together into a liquid stream to fill a bottle.
To support the launch of the new campaign, J2O parent company Britvic has launched a new consumer website about J2O Blends.
On-trade support includes free ‘perfect serve’ staff training with Flow Hospitality as well as new mixing recipes, which Britvic said are easy to recreate and deliver strong margins.
Jonathan Gatward, marketing director at Britvic Soft Drinks, said the new marketing campaign aims to highlight how J2O was created – “concepts that you wouldn’t originally put together but blend perfectly”.
“By bringing a fresh twist to our latest campaign we’re confident that consumers will look at the brand differently; breaking down any pre-conceived perceptions of J2O,” said Gatward.
“In focusing on the mixology, we’re showing how we’re making great-tasting and exciting products which are perfect for adult palates.
“At Britvic, our mission is to encourage consumers to reconsider the adult soft drinks category; we want to show excitement and increase soft drink choices both in the shopping aisle and in-outlet.
“J2O is an exciting choice for consumers and helps drive interest in the soft drinks category, delivering incremental sales to the market.”
The J2O portfolio includes Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Mango and Apple & Raspberry flavours as well as the 2014 winter limited edition Glitter Berry variant.