Moonshine draws on its heritage

• The spirit has an ABV of 52.5%.

MOONSHINE from South Carolina in the USA has been launched in the Scottish trade.

Palmetto Moonshine – a 52.5% ABV spirit – is being distributed by Scots supplier Moonshine UK and was launched north of the border last month in Lorenzos nightclub in Dunfermline.
Designed to be served in old-style glass jars, the spirit is being pitched at the student and cocktail markets.
As well as the pure American Shine spirit, Palmetto Moonshine is available in a number of flavours, including Apple Pie, Blackberry and Peach variants, which have an ABV of 22.5%.
Callum Burt, sales director of Moonshine UK, whose partners include finance director Stephen Bremner and marketing director Steven Page, said he believes the drink’s illicit history during the 1920s and Prohibition period will appeal to UK consumers.
“Because it’s authentic American moonshine, people are immediately interested and the feedback from people has been amazing,” said Burt.
“Young people already know about moonshine through popular culture and films, so I’m confident we’ve backed the right horse because of the reaction we’ve had to it.”