Fresh fish assistance

• Seafish director Tom Pickerell (right) demonstrating the RASS online tool for seafood buyers.

UK seafood industry authority Seafish has launched a tool to assist seafood buyers in their purchasing decisions.

The Risk Assessment for Sourcing Seafood (RASS) tool is accessible for free online from the Seafish homepage.
The system aims to provide “greater clarity” over the status of seafood being purchased at both stock and fisheries levels.
RASS fishery profiles are said to contain information on stock status, efficacy of management, sea floor habitat and bycatch impacts.
Around 100 profiles based on the most common species bought in the UK, including haddock, cod and tuna, are available now with further profiles scheduled to be added in the coming months.
Seafish technical director Tom Pickerell said that as the industry authority, Seafish “is committed to promoting best practice throughout the supply chain”.
“With RASS, we have for the first time created a single, powerful reference resource for commercial seafood buyers to consult in order to make sound sourcing decisions based on their own corporate philosophies rather than being told what seafood they should and should not buy,” said Pickerell.